Acv Gummi™, apple cider vinegar gummies, was born in Miami, Florida by health enthusiast Maurah Ruiz.

Maurah is constantly researching ways to live a healthier lifestyle and had always known the health benefits of apple cider vinegar but could never bring herself to be able to take it. 

She tried adding it to flavored juices, adding sugar, hiding it in recipes, and various other methods that simply didn't work. 
Finally, ACV GUMMI™ was born. All of the benefits of apple cider vinegar, none of the yucky taste!
Maurah is gluten free so she made sure the product was not only gluten free but vegan so that those living a vegan lifestyle can enjoy them as well. She also follows a low carb and ketogenic diet which requires no sugar and zero net carbs when possible. Nothing on the market was offered for this type of lifestyle so fiber was added, as well as a proprietary xylitol, stevia, and monk fruit blend.
She thought long and hard and after a long time of research and development L-Carnatine was also added for an extra boost to your health regimen. L-Carnatine is  known for its ability to help the body metabolize food into energy.* 
We spent a lot of time curating the perfect product for you and we hope you will enjoy your new gummies!